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Discussion on development of downhole operation technology in oil field
- Jun 01, 2018 -

I. The present situation of downhole operation Technology Downhole operation technology mainly includes equipment, process technology, project design and enterprise management technology to ensure the operation of the construction of the content. In recent years, according to the actual needs of exploration and development, the downhole operation Industry insists on the economic efficiency as the center, the equipment renewal and technology upgrade as the main direction, and vigorously implements the "Science and Technology innovation" strategy. Through the introduction of technology and independent research and development, greatly enhance the downhole operation technology and service capabilities. Equipped with 2000-type fracturing unit, heavy load (50t and above load) car workover machine, wheel-type pass machine and coiled tubing operating vehicle, nitrogen and nitrogen injection equipment and other advanced facilities.

The formation of fracturing acidification technology, overhaul side drilling technology, test oil testing technology, comprehensive management of supporting operation technology, routine maintenance operation technology, special reservoir downhole operation Technology and special technology well Operation Technology 7 Downhole Operation Technology Series, better meet the needs of oil and gas exploration and development.

Two. Oil and gas field exploration and development of the new requirements for downhole operation Technology

At present, the underground operation can meet the production needs, but, with the exploration and development of deepening, the downhole operation Technology has put forward a new higher requirements, summed up, mainly in the following 6 aspects: The first is to upgrade the technical level of conventional operations; second, to speed up the development of special well operation technology; The third is to actively study marginal oil and gas reservoirs to develop low-cost supporting operation technology; four is to complete overhaul side drilling technology; the integration of fracturing acidification technology system to improve the application effect; Six is to meet the needs of special oil and gas reservoirs and special process wells.

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