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How much is the packer?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

How much is the packer? is the procurement of downhole tools customers are very concerned about the issue, in the purchase process is also one of the most consulting issues. With the change of the field well condition, the packer is gradually improved, which forms a variety of packer which satisfies various conditions.

Most of the time the price is the key to determining the customer to buy the packer. In the oil production engineering, the Packer is used for layering, the packer is designed with oil channel, the piston sleeve uplink, the oil production channel is opened, after sitting seals, the upper layer pressure acts on the balance piston, pushes up the rubber barrel, causes the solution seal pin to be free from the shearing force, when the solution seal, relies on the rubber barrel and the casing friction to cut off the seal pin, the piston sleeve Close the oil channel.

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