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Packer principle
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1, Y221 Packer

About the structure and principle of Y221 Packer has been detailed introduction, the following is a look at: Seat seal: Rotate the string after lifting the string according to the height of the required seat, then the pipe column, composed of pieces of the Centralizer 26~32, rely on spring 30 of the elasticity of friction block 28 and casing wall friction, rely on the sliding pin 34 centralizer along the center tube 7 "J" groove movement, the result, Piece 34 from the bottom of the groove from the end of the movement to the top of the position, due to the role of the top 25, the ball sleeve 23 was the top of the lock, so that slips 14 by the Cone 11 open, and stuck in the casing wall.

At the same time, pieces 1, 2, 7 on the downward compression of the rubber barrel, so that the diameter of the rubber cylinder, sealing oil sleeve ring space. Sealing: Upper Lifting pipe String, upper connector 1, adjusting ring 2 and central tube 71 up, the rubber barrel is retracted and the orbital pin 34 is returned to the end from the top of the center tube 7 "J" groove, the cone 11 exits the slip 14, the slips on the recovery card, the lock ball sleeve 23 under the action of the Spring 21, the automatic reset, the locking device restores.

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