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Summarization of domestic packer products and supporting tools
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Compression Packer is the mainstream product, slip type second. The main Packer products currently used include: Y111 Packer, Y211 Packer, Y221 Packer, Y241 Packer, Y341 Packer, Y342 Packer, Y344, Y441, Y442, Y443, Y445, Y541, K331, K341, etc. In the above products based on the deformation of more products, by adjusting some small structure to adapt to different working conditions, such as fracturing, well washing, reverse washing, small diameter water plugging, steam injection heat recovery, progressive sealing, free to release washable well can be drilled, which Y341 deformation products. For shallow wells and better working conditions, the Packer adopts one-way slips or no slips, and the way of solution is also mechanical, that is, the lifting pipe string or rotating string;

The working conditions of poor wells and large well diameter often take two-way slips, or even anchoring, due to the increased difficulty of operation, the way to solve the sealing trend of hydraulic, drilling and milling. The process string using Packer consists of a layer-plugging process string, a layered water injection process string (downhole quantitative note, rotating water injection pipe string, tubing separation technology, can be reversed washing water injection string can protect the casing multiple positive and negative washing wells deep well ultra deep water injection pipe string, acidizing fracturing and layered fracturing process string, layered layer-changing production process string, Oil well test process string, etc.

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