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The common terminology of Packer
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1, sealing parts: directly from the hole in the work of the tube string and the inner wall circular space role of the packer parts.

2, sitting seal: According to the given method and load, so that the Packer is always in working condition.

3, to solve the seal: according to the given method and load, lifting the working state of the Packer.

4, the regulator: in the case of no additional pressure and changes in working conditions, the established fluid pressure, maintained within the specified range.

5, sitting sealing load: Packer to cover the required external load.

6, the sealing load: The packer to solve the required external load.

7, reversing fatigue: Packer after the closure to change the direction of work pressure of repeated times. 8, Seal: After the seal, through the pump car pressure, verify that the sealing element is in a sealed state of operation.

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