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What are the main differences between Packer and Chice?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The main difference between Packer and bridge plug is that the packer is usually in the fracturing, acidification, leak-seeking measures such as the construction of temporary stay in the well, after the construction of the pipe with the string up, and the Chice is in the seal layer oil recovery measures, it left in the well for some time or permanent stay in the well.

The bridge plug has a permanent type of bridge Plug and a removable bridge plug, as well as several types of drilling Chice. Packer in addition to seals, all the whole is steel, can be solved, general and block-sealing string at the same time to stay well, with releasing can be left alone, the pressure differential is low (except fracturing seal). Details of Packer classification and Packer principle. Chice from the fishing method can be fished, can be drilled and can be fished three kinds of drilling, all is a separate sealing tool, high pressure differential. The removable and releasing seals are similar, except for the central tube which can be drilled, which are basically cast iron parts, and the shell, the central pipe and the joints of the removable drill are all steel parts, and the Cavaga is cast iron. In addition, the bridge plug also has the bottom with the valve, may use the special intubation to open closes the lower layer.

These are the basic differences between Packer and Chice. Image point: Packer and bridge plug are separated by two sections, but the middle of the packer is empty, you can freely flow oil and gas water, and the bridge plug is solid, all sealed dead.

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