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What is the working principle of the Rtts packer?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The Rtts Packer adopts a certain height of the upper lifting string, and is rotating the string, so that the lock pin on the central tube is entered into the "J" groove in the reversing sleeve, then slowly lower the string, rely on the centralizer and casing friction caused by the slip out, stuck in the casing inside the wall, continue to lower the string compression rubber tube, closed tubing, casing ring space,

Implement Packer seat seal.

When high-pressure liquid is injected into the oil tube, the liquid pushes the hydraulic anchor claw out and is stuck on the casing to prevent the rubber barrel from being pressed and removed. When the sealing, only in the tubing, casing pressure balance, on the lifting of the string, you can seal the seal, the outside center of the tube lock pin automatically slide into the "J" groove locked position.

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