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When is the hydraulic anchor used?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Q: When is the hydraulic anchor used? Working principle?

How to salvage when overhaul?

A: When the hydraulic anchor is used: The hydraulic anchor is generally used in the water injection string and the fracturing string, which plays a very good anchoring function to the string. Working principle: The hydraulic anchor is the pressure differential type starts, the oil sleeve exists between the pressure difference, the anchor tooth will extend the body, anchors in the casing, moreover the pressure difference is bigger, the anchoring strength is stronger. After the pressure inside the tubing, the anchor teeth are retracted by the spring force.

So in the fracturing string, hydraulic anchors generally do not encounter cards, in wells, due to water quality scaling factors such as the impact of anchor teeth can not be recovered, resulting in card. Overhaul how to salvage: overhaul, the first analysis of the string structure, balance oil pressure difference, and then the activity of the string, to see if the card can be solved, the final method is inverted + set milling anchor teeth.

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