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A Brief Introduction To The Bridge Plug
- May 31, 2018 -

The permanent type bridge plug formed in the early 80 's, because of its construction process less, short cycle, card sealing position is accurate, so once published in the oil and gas well seal layer has been widely used, basically replaced the former cement plug seal layer of the process technology, the test well plugging has been tested layer, carry on the main sealing process of oil test. 

The dry layer appearing in the middle and shallow layer test oil construction, water layer, gas reservoir and abnormal high-pressure and other special layers, in order to facilitate the subsequent test oil, plugging the waste layer, usually using the type of bridge plug to seal the layer, and for some short-term no development plan of the test oil end Wells also use permanent bridge plug sealing well. In addition, the bridge plug is also used in the deep gas well in the test layer plugging, for the test, fracturing and other technology to ensure the successful implementation.

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