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What Is The Difference Between Releasing, Chice And Packer?
- May 31, 2018 -

Packer is a special downhole tool for sealing oil, gas and water layer in downhole casing or open hole.

Its seal is the rubber barrel, sealing principle is through the external force to shorten the length of the rubber barrel and the diameter of large sealed oil, the casing annular space separates the upper and lower oil (gas and water) layers of the Seals, thus realizes the stratified test of oil and well, stratified oil recovery, stratified water injection, stratified transformation and blocking the layer. Chice refers to the packer that stays in a certain depth in the well and is separated from the string, so it is called a releasing Packer. The main use of the bridge plug is to replace the ash plug, used for plugging the bottom, sealing the well and so on, separating and plugging the water layer, using as a bottom packer or squeeze grouting cement, fracturing, plugging and other special working tools in the downhole operation. Releasing tools are mainly composed of releasing and salvage, and the releasing pressure is 18-20mpa.

The releasing tool is located on the upper part of the control string, immediately * * * on the first stage Packer, Packer after the seal, continue to pressure, the control of the piston downward, shearing control shear nails, release the lock Claw, the ground observation for the sudden drop of pump pressure, casing back to the water, on the lift can be realized releasing.

The so-called releasing, simple understanding is to "throw" the tool into the wellbore, "lost" means that the following tool is not connected with the wellhead, is independent in the well. A part of the string is connected by one or more packer. Placed in the purpose of the seat block, can play a variety of specific functions, usually used to block water or gas, the specific use of a lot of methods, such as a single releasing generally used to seal, double releasing or large diameter combination can block the middle part and so on. In the releasing, the tubing is put into the pipe, the mechanical or hydraulic method is used to block the seal, and then the tubing is dropped. Need to rise when the general use of fishing anchor, but often can not come out of the situation

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